I Just Finished Watching Alone Season 5

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    ABOUT ALONE https://www.history.ca/alone/

    Thursday at 10 EP

    Ten returning participants attempt redemption on Alone Season 5 in Mongolia, a frigid and remote region at the edge of Siberia. There, they will be put to the ultimate test of will and human endurance – surviving as long as they can, completely isolated and alone, with nothing but the contents of a small backpack. Each individual must create their own shelters, catch food from the land, overcome the harsh foreign terrain, bitter cold, and contend with a host of deadly predators. They will truly be on their own. No camera crew. No gimmicks. Last one standing wins.

    That being said I learned a lot. and i recommend you watch it also. the two that lasted to the end were not hunters or fishermen surprisingly. In fact one of them was an office worker. the other was a master trapper using pauit deadfall he caught lots of mice . it is surprising how much little food you actually need to survive the thing that took down the hunters was loneliness . Please watch and learn .
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    Loneliness? heck. its other peoples stupidity that pisses me off!
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    now i am watching season six. in great slave lake, most of the people out so far have quit due to 1) loneliness they just got tired of missing their family and friends
    2) hunger , they were not catching any game.
    3) medical issues , they cut themselves or broke a leg.
    we can learn alot from these survivalist, when i watch them i realise they are much better than i am at surviving. i would strongly suggest to watch this as a learning exercise. the remaining people are the best i ever saw. they are one month in and it has being snowing, the lakes are starting to freeze over , would you last this long?
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