If A Nuclear Bomb Explodes, These Are The Emergency Supplies You Should Have Prepared Or Grab On The

Discussion in 'Nuclear War' started by Keith H., Jul 6, 2017.

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    Now that it looks like we will have a anti-Israel commander in chief, we should be revisiting our preparations for a nuclear conflict. I just posted in another thread on this site the following scenario: The USSA will be putting on its kid gloves for Iran, giving full tilt boogie to their nuclear arms development program. Israel will be forced to hit Iran hard, leading to a nuclear war. If Iran sees that it could lose, they will hit as many Western Cities as possible. They can use commercial vessels or their sleeper cells to get a nukes in or near these Western megalopolises, then set them off.

    Are you living is a fallout area? Are you living in an area to which hundreds of thousands or millions of suburbanites and surviving urbanites will be relocated? If so, think seriously about bugging out or readying your place to take nuclear fallout and to defend against sheeple gone psychotic.



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    Good morning Old Geezer,

    Just glanced at the Prepared Christian - nuc prep article.

    Iran is an application to join SCO, the economic and military alliance established by China.

    Any nuclear ordnance detonation will surely generate a global war.

    NO ONE should use/administer potassium iodide unless EMT/related skilled and having the fallout instruments - and this is still dangerous since other factors are in play also.

    Regardless of EMP radius, the US Government will close down all electricity less pre-determined areas. There are domestic terrorists here who will not have it easy.

    I am in a fallout area. No way can I get to New Zealand but close to Tacoma Park, Maryland, next to Washington, D.C. Tacoma Park is a self-declared nuclear free zone. If I can't get a parking space, will visit a friend in Old Towne, Alexandria and go off medical diet and et cetra.

    Linked article is well-written but Forum Members must accept that there are numerous secondary hazards all around and in the fallout radius. If someone does not have pre-existing stockpiles of water, medicines and foods along with sheltering, will volunteer with drafting obituaries.


    I have little worry about the Mullahs and Politburos of the world. My threats and immediate lethal dangers are domestic.
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    Now this is the kind of post I like . A for vision-ed approach . Whether a for vision is right or wrong it gives a prepper / survivalist a chance to prepare for the scenario .
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    answer NO and NO again.
    middle of the English countryside nothing here worth wasting a nuke on.
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  6. Old Geezer

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    Both Iran and N.Korea have the capability to EMP Western nations. Due to the illegal victory of international socialism in America, the former-USA's military is now going to be hobbled.

    The Kamala administration will resurrect Obama's "peace" deal with Iran, this is a 100%-er.

    "Peace in our time!"

    Get ready to hear this again. The MSM will be jubilant. The sheeple will bleat joyfully. Then as happened before, world war will follow. Hundreds of millions, likely billions, of humans now alive on Earth will be dead in the coming few years.

    Peace agreements will enable Iran to enter their final preparations to become a nuclear power. Iran is likely to only have a handful of nukes (many just the field-grade or satchel bombs that "escaped" out of the former USSR), therefore nuke-explosion-wise, they could only pull-off an urban terror attack. Bad enough, don't get me wrong -- fallout, many deaths, panic, ... -- but with increased nuclear capability coupled with their satellite technology already developed, they will likely do far more damage to their enemies, i.e. Western nations, using an EMP attack.

    We on this site speak of EMP attacks and massive power grid shut-downs. Now with Amerika going into capitulation mode, the likelihood of our enemies using such devices of mass-destruction are FAR higher. Let's all take this current political situation as the beginning of the last phase which is "this is it, we are SOON going to have to put our skills to work, the SHTF is 100%." There is the prepping and there is the happening. It is now no longer "if".



    "Experts" have estimated and we on this website simply know (common sense) that shutting down the electric grid of Western nations could/will result in population death-rates of 90%. I mean, hey!, urban (totally unprepared) populations added with suburban populations (puny preparations, if any) constitute 80% of any Western nation's total population. The longer the outages and the greater the decompensation, the higher the death rates. Under the most favorable sequence of events / "interventions from Heaven", I cannot see greater than 50% surviving.

    The lack of clean water availability alone is a mass-death event for overly-concentrated urban sprawls. This has been stated on this website and on other survival websites ten thousand times. I can walk to a river, have water-purification capabilities, plus the firepower to keep that which I gather and purify. One of my sons has a mountain stream that runs through his property. How many urbanites can say that?!

    Wow! Here it comes everybody.


    The following video is overly melodramatic and has dire music playing in the background; nevertheless, "facts iz facts". If one endures the kitsch / unprofessional atmosphere of this video, there are very real points being made that, if ignored, could lead to non-survival for you and your family.

    Our government supposedly is taking this threat seriously -- the military REALLY is (I've inside info); however, it's all going to be a "day late and a dollar short". We know that America's core civilian infrastructure -- water-works, power distribution, medical provisions -- are MASSIVELY unprepared for an attack. As to the power grid, one stupid glitch, and the dominoes fall, leaving 10s/100s of thousands without power. And let's face it, this is just the most minor crap happening. Something real goes down = it's over.

    I've rambled/ranted-on way too long and thus need to stop. Will enjoy reading the views of others.
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  7. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon all,

    For those Forum Members who read the link Old Geezer posted, above CDC link explains the potassium iodide (spell) matter.

    Above link is one whole info set. Scroll down to "children", "yong adults", (pregnancy issues take more planning than other categories), and "adults".

    Check out which category you, family, others in group, are in and study commentary.

    So much depends on the area's exposure to radioactivity, that this info is restricted to Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Public Health emergency facilities and some overlap with the military. An individual just can't acquire this info with personal instruments.

    I do not have to worry about radioactivity dangers at all. Besides being old, I'l probably have a heart attack arguing with some shelter registrant that they cannot have any of my AA batteries.
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  8. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Old Geezer,

    Just in "nice" times, like now, the corridor is lacking much in survivalibility, less the hardened critical mission enclaves,.

    Adverse weather, like hurricanes and ice storms, closes electricity use.

    The quarantine means no emergency shelters. The gym floor with cots is out; too dangerous re COVID-19.

    In any basic emergency here, again, excluding the hardened military and critical civilian enclaves (eg state and area EOCs, police facilities), there's no electricity, no stores open, .... The small hospital is always saturated and I'm talking about routine times. Roads are inpassable and closed except for 4X4 vehicles if early enough to avoid flash floods.

    I don't see the national situation as a "pure" urban, surburban, rural matter. If, eg, elevated rhetoric and an EMP is anticipated, the suburbs will get drained of their reservists, emergency responders and those holding a critical need job. There's a national blend between how suburb and urban is defined. For example, Little Creek, Virginia Beach is part of the largest metro center between Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. Little Creek houses the SEAL teams. So, they can technicall be in an urban environment but the place is emptied out for their assignments. These people have family arrangements already in place. A similar situation is around Quantico, Virginia. It's as urban as they come but it's really still surburbia with a complexion like Little Creek.

    Much of urban Washington, D.C. and their spillover areas for Federal employees of importance (a small percentage are needed) have pre assigned locations. Dale will get some company.

    Places like New York City, I anticipate losing their ocean port to Hampton Roads - permanently. Parts of "Wall Street" financial operations will meander out to the southern US areas that are away from the coast.

    The Gulf Coast resembles this corridor. Arrangements are in place for key people and the rest won't make it unless evacuation well ahead of time.

    California will lose their 2 large university systems.

    Nation-wide, military bases that couldn't be closed for the needed employment, will be closed.


    For those needing health care arrangements: anticipate no health care.

    For those needing electricity, relocate now. Otherwise no electricity.


    Medical/related personnel can and will be assigned to where needed.

    For those private citizens not prepared nor showing up for volunteer work, the answer might or might be blowin' in the wind. It doesn't matter: same results.

    My closing comment;

    I think it will be worse. An enemy can use an EMP in tandem with pre-positioned biologicals. How many of the national population are pre-rabies vaccinated ? How many re anthrax ?

    Our nation is not ready.

    I am.
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  9. Old Geezer

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    Here's some more articles on China's ability to generate EMP levels sufficient to take-down electrical grids. Y'know, I post such things not so much to vilify China -- hey, we know that they want us out of the picture, duh! Known Enemies 101 -- as to point out that electrical grids are just downright vulnerable. I mean, I cannot keep a total list in my head of all the things that take-down electrical grids. The situation is just sad.

    I'll write down the following, then everyone will see that I have left out a whole bunch of other phenomena just as deadly to grids, so here's my silly little list:

    > Intentional EMP attacks
    > Earthquake damage
    > Solar flares
    > Crazy people sabotage power stations to cause a domino effect across the greater grid
    > They just die on their own due to overuse

    Y'all know many more causes that didn't come to my mind just now. People, at some point, at some very near point time-wise, we are going to witness some grid failures. They will happen in some fill-in-the-blank urban area(s) and the people therein will decompensate. When this happens, extrapolate the panic-result to the entire nation.

    I'm glad that one of my sons does infrastructure work with a large construction concern, for Lord knows they'll have plenty of work ahead. The USA is as brittle as a box of saltine crackers. The stories he has told me!


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