If America Is Not Great Again.........???

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by watcherchris, Nov 9, 2019.

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  1. watcherchris

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    Had Breakfast this morning at a local restaurant up in Colonial Williamsburg and the conversation and Idea came about with the family talking about their 4th grade daughter making a paper and speaking on it...titled..."Make Fourth Grade Great Again!!"
    Apparently the kids liked it.
    Not to sure about the faculty!!!
    But this brought up an idea to me......a line of thought...running along rabid trails as I am sometimes want to do....


    If America is not great again...…

    How are we going to be able to breast feed/spoon feed the rest of the world when it gets screwed up again....as history shows happens all too often???

    And would we even want to breast feed/spoon feed the rest of the world??

    Just a thought.....just a thought!!!

    But how about those Kardashians!!!???

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
  2. Sonofliberty

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    America is rotting from the inside. Unless that rotting cancer is cut out, it will destroy what is left of the country. Also, why do we have to keep taking care of the rest of the world's problems. Let them take care of themselves. Let's work on our own issues.
  3. Dalewick

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    I too, believe America is swirling around the bowl and headed down the pipes. I believe it's death won't be fast but a slow rotting infection. I believe the infection has already become nekrotik in many areas. Patriotism is abused and misused by all sides, ie. "The Patriot Act". Our politicians are the new "Royalty" and apparently most of them are above the law. Our current 2 party system operates with one party breaking the law and the other party looking the other way so when they break the law, the other party reciprocates. The entertainment industry produces political advocates and talking heads, instead of producing entertainers. Our infrastructure is crumbling around us and ignored by the idiots we elect.

    When we begin to lose our constitutional rights to those that would yoke us to socialism, which is already occurring in Califoristan, New Yorkshire and Washington DC. We can see the end. We just don't want to.

    Just my opinion.

  4. Pragmatist

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    Good morning Watcherchris,

    My answer / response:

    If ...... not when ...... the US does not return to the apex section of the triangle, the nation cannot help the rest of the world. Our wealth has been plundered away by domestic groups.

    Europe will again explode into war and the germ warfare and radioactivity will arrive here prior to the end of the concert at John Paul Jones Arena Charlottesville.

    Yes, the US will want to help the rest of the world - same reason governs a per Europe. We are a fully-integrated society now.

    The world is a single epidemiological unit. An ebola-infected refugee from Goma, DR Congo getting to Malta and then to the continent, infects the US population a few weeks later.

    Besides rehab of the schools and all the rest of our society, preppers should consider learning how to play mah jong, Chinese checkers, and develop a taste for Mao Tai sorghum liquor.

    So far, the writing is not on LaSalle Street and Wall Street. It's on the Great Wall and the location isn't Massachusetts or California.
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  5. Bishop

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    It's not that America not great because it is it's that there are people in America that are sponges that take and take and never give any thing back greed and being greedy will end all that is around them people that think they are above others because of there last name or wealth they may have or power they my help influence you have politicians they want to make drugs legal because they are investors to line there pockets and keep the sheepeople not wanting anything but a fix America is great just not a lot of the people.
  6. poltiregist

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    Basically the U.S. is great again .Unfortunately we have politicians wanting the boarders left open because they have been bought off by the Mexican drug cartel . There are still a lot of corrupt swamp creatures to remove from the political arena . That is why we are hearing the howling and insane statements coming out of their mouths . They are desperate indeed . They know if they can't conduct a coup , they will be exposed even more than they already have been .
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  7. Caribou

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    If we can return to our roots we can then help others follow our path.
    read Agenda 21 to see what the socialist plan is for the world. Basically it has us devolving into city dwellers working as slaves for the collective at the benefit of the oligarchs and with the population reduced by a major percentage to be easier to control.
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