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    ...I would like something that keeps out the mosquitos and other bugs. Tarptent has a good line of ultralight solutions. Which is nice if you are using a backpack and on foot. The fabrics that are available these days are amazing. It's worth saving up the money to get good equiment, if you are planning an adventure. It can make for a much happier time. Of course I'm not talking about a crisis situation. I'm talking about deliberately going on a survival adventure.
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    whats a "druther"?? remember i'm from the UK!:D
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    Is like saying He would rather do that instead of other options given the chance. If I'm not mistaken.

    An indeed. With Deliberately going on a survival adventure, you can prepare yourself as it suits you better. When I was a child, I had an uncle that often went into the deep wilderness on a survival adventure and game hunting (well mostly for
    game hunting) and the only stuff He always carried along was a loaded carbine, water canteens, hammock and his trusty pack of hound dog mutts. We didn't see him anymore until several days or weeks afterwards.
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    Smoke from a camp fire works well but you got to suffer the smoke!
    Aeroguard works well!
    In mozzie season I use a fine mozzie net sprayed with aeroguard! for sleeping!
    Wind is good! shade is not!
    When out walking steer clear of any shade or shaded areas!
    If you can move faster than about 20kmph they cant keep up!
    Here in late summer when it is hot and wet walking sucks, pushbike/motorbike is good!

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