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Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by Xilkozuf, May 27, 2017.

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  1. Xilkozuf

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    I know we should sleep around 8 hours every night, but is this the same in a survival situation in the wild? Would those 8 hours be effective to have enough energy, or would they be too much/too few? We should go to sleep early and wake up early, or sleep late and wake up late? Or maybe it all depends on a specific situation...
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  2. remnant

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    The issue of sleep has bothered me for quite some time now due to the drag of tasks into the night. I read a scientific article that inferred that lack of sleep can kill in as little as under a week and the fact that lack of sleep is cumulative. I will aspire to adjust my biological clock to clock 5 hours of sleep and then compensate for any deficit during the weekend.
  3. Keith H.

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    I have found that the brain adjusts to the situation. In the wild I will often wake in the night. In winter I will often wake when the fire dies down. There are dangers in the wild & the fact that we know this makes the brain adjust to the situation. If I do not get a good nights sleep, then I will catch up during daylight hours. No rush to be anywhere, survival is paramount.
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  4. lonewolf

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    our body maintains itself whilst we sleep, I find I need 9 hours sleep every night, but we go to bed at 9pm and are up again by 6am, early morning is the best time of day.
    post shtf I will go to sleep when its to dark to do anything and will be up again around dawn.
  5. OursIsTheFury

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    Lack of sleep would really make your senses not be at its peak when you really need to. Even with the rush of adrenaline (which gets released by the body in an emergency situation), without enough sleep the energy your body would require for fast reflexes and quick thinking won't be enough, and it's a common cause of injury in the field. The lack of focus either from driving or doing tasks, as well as the feeling of falling asleep, would really mean bad consequences for you and others around you, seeing as how you'll be more of a liability in a disaster than an asset.
  6. lonewolf

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    i have done 12 and 14 hours night shifts in the past and I can tell you it knocks your senses out of kilter, even sense of smell is off, and then you sleep all day like the dead, so sleep is very important , now in the good times as well as post shtf.
  7. Neiltarquin

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    It might not be the same becuase it depends on the situation. If your alone, panic will make you awake. If your with someone, atleast you can take turns in sleeping and guarding. Out in the open, night time is longer because there is no TV or internet to keep you awake so im pretty sure you will have more than 8 hours of sleep at night.
  8. Sino

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    I think sleep is very important, granted I don't always get my 8 hours of sleep because I sometimes have trouble sleeping but I try my best because I become very unmotivated when I don't get enough sleep and then I do not get anything done that day.
  9. joegirl

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    Sleep deprivation is a silent killer. Sleep is so important and crucial to the proper functioning of the body. A day without sleep will make your head feel cloudy and your senses blurry. If you still don't catch up on your sleep the second day, you may collapse from sheer exhaustion. The recommended sleep time is eight hours but if you get around six or seven hours daily, then you are good.
  10. airfightermax

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    A few people have pointed out why we need sleep now, and they are absolutely true. With our current biology, we could not live without regular sleep. However, that is only half the picture.

    The part that has always bothered me is why we evolved to need sleep. We could have evolved to function differently, but we didn't, so why? The best answer I've heard has to do with energy, vision, and predation.

    First, running on full around the clock is expensive. While energy is readily available now, there were many times where we had to fight for every calorie. Sleep gave us a break.

    Second, we evolved to have very precise color vision. It's a very effective balance between color and detail sensitivity. Main drawback though is our lack of low light vision. So evolving a mechanism to take advantage of our otherwise useless time was beneficial.

    Third was predation. Many of our predators were nocturnal. Using the day to hunt and sustain with less worry was more helpful to us than constantly competing with death. At night, we would group together in a fortified or secluded location to geographically protect ourselves while we slept.

    These are, of course, just theories. But they make sense and may add some insight into your question.
  11. WildSpirit

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    It's no novelty to say that a good night's sleep can be extremely effective (physically and psychologically speaking :)). The recommended is 8 hours of sleep, but unfortunately, because of my fast paced life, I can't sleep more than 6 hours. :oops:
  12. Ystranc

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    I sleep between 5 and 6 hours in any given 24 hour period. I usually sleep well unless I'm extremely uncomfortable. It makes very little difference whether I sleep during the night or day, inside or outdoors. I sleep the sleep of the just.
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