Increase Of Natural Disasters

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    I'm sure the article's author is sincere but in reality:

    Disasters are not natural. Build on a river or tidal flood plain and the results are as accurate as the phases of the moon.

    After President Clinton decreed that snow storms allowed for affected political subdivisions to obtain Federal funds, there were - - - Surprise ! - - - more natural emergencies involving snow storms.

    Wild fires also occur in California. Are these fires "natural disasters" or matters of forest mismanagement ? (WUI -Wildland-Urban Interface)

    I must research the meaning of the term "public assistance".

    Article has some humor: "Some of the data has been manipulated".

    What is "profiteering" ?

    EM Director Lt Lehenberer, might be experiencing early retirement after writing "...individual responsibility to take care ..."
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