Incremental Destruction Of Nation

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    Lauren Brown's petition is in the English language. This is cultural appropriation ! The petition was drafted on captured lands.

    Does Marin County have a demographic complexion like California in general ?

    I agree with artist Dennis Beckman. I'm empathetic to his situation. There are more idiots in California than here near the Swamp.

    Corte Medea Mayor Eli Beckman lives in an area where people attended George Washington University. President Washington was a slave owner.

    I recommend Lauren Brown perform 100 hours of community service by windsurfing through the Drake Passage.

    Who the heck knighted Drake ?

    Had once met an attorney at dinner table at some important meeting. I asked him how he got his career launched from Drake University. He said he was offered a scholarship and accepted. He was drunk. He thought the offer was for Duke.
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    Drake originally came from Tavistock, Devon, there is a statue to him there, there is also one on Plymouth Hoe where he was playing bowls when the Spanish Armada were spotted.
    neither Statue is going anywhere!!!!
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    IMHO you would be hard pressed to find any county in this country as far left as Marin County. I would not be the least bit surprised if it didn't pass unanimously.
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