Inexpensive Pig Pens.

Discussion in 'Animal Husbandry' started by Keith H., May 7, 2016.

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    You may not believe but in the olden days, keeping a pig for food is common in Manila. usually it is the laundry area that is converted into a small pig pen bound by wood. Sometimes there's even no roof. When the pen is ready, they will buy a piglet or 2 from the ambulant vendor. Yeah, that was life in Manila in the olden days, there are vendors selling piglets. Anyway, the piglets are left in the pen and fed with leftover food. As they grew up, the owner would be asking for leftovers from the neighbor. After 4 months in the pen, the pigs are ready for slaughter. Often, it is for a wedding or baptism of a baby. If there are 2 pigs, 1 is roasted and the other is butchered to be cooked in different dishes. Of course, the neighbors who supplied the leftover food will not be forgotten in the feast.

    But now, that is very rare because there is an ordinance against keeping pigs in the house due to the offensive odor of the pig's refuse. However, you can still do that makeshift pen if you live in the suburbs.
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