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Discussion in 'Survival Kits' started by Pragmatist, Jul 30, 2019.

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per titles.

    At 6. Meals Without Utilities, Re "snacks";

    Recommend adding in pantry or Rubbermaid bin, a couple of office paper clamps. If Doritos chips not finished with meal, seal bag with paper clamp. This maintains freshness concurrent with refuting the "share-bears" philosophy of feeding bugs.

    Haven't had much "paper money" since Hillary became First Lady.

    Throw in a whistle somewhere.
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    It is always reassuring to read an article like that, and check things off the list. "Yep, got those. Yep, got that. " Nothing new and no surprises I hadn't thought of. I completely agree with meals/food that is ready to EAT; not food that is ready to cook.

    I do like Tim MacWelsh. He has written several articles for Off Grid magazine. IMHO he knows his stuff.
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