Intro To Camping In The Rain

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    Good afternoon Prepper Newcomers and other readers,

    Head Note: Most Forum members do not need to review material in the article.

    For a Prepper newcomer, understand how to reduce weight of load when hiking. Instead of a clothes line, consider a length of para cord for multiple uses.

    Fully understnad the mentioned "cotton kills". Cannot explain the corrolation as to why the US Army took their famous 100% wool sock (a very small amount of nylon to reinforce toe and heel section) and went to 50% wool, 50% cotton.

    Getting bored outdoors and needing the monopoly game ? Return here for guidance in re real bordom.

    There is no such thing as "the best knife". It depends. Save money and return here to Forum for guidance.

    I have a hunch this article has some connection to the famous company Amazon.
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