Invasive / Destructive Species Re Gardening,farming

Discussion in 'Gardening, Plant Propegation, & Farming' started by Pragmatist, Apr 7, 2021.

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    OK, my bad. This isn't about gardening. This is about some yacht club.

    Horry horrible horrific hazard!

    The environmentalists wanted to bring-back the alligators. Can't say I blame them. Well gee-golly-gosh, they succeeded beyond all imaginings!

    And here's the deal, if you are living on somebody else's turf / something else's turf, well then, what happens happens.

    "11-foot alligator kills man in Myrtle Beach yacht club community"

    "A Myrtle Beach yacht club community member is dead after a vicious attack by an 11-foot alligator.

    "Horry County Fire Rescue units determined the alligator took hold of the person and pulled the victim into a retention pond, according to Myrtle Beach SC News.

    "One resident of the private golf community took to Twitter last month to shed light on three alligators he spotted in his backyard. One of the gators reportedly measured 12 feet."

    Go GATORS!

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  3. lonewolf

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    the invasive species in the UK are a plant, Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed.
    both very prolific growers and a pain to get rid of.
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    1. TMT Tactical
      Do either have any real value?
      TMT Tactical, Jun 26, 2022
  4. paul m

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    The UK also has ,Canadian Floating Pennywort,which clogs up waterways, cormorants,which are not good for fisheries and Red signal crayfish, which are not good for fisheries either. In the past we had zander introduced into waterways,and of course,the grey squirrel,which has seen off our native red squirrels and is extremely destructive to young trees.
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