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Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by cluckeyo, Jun 4, 2016.

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    Is the concept of survivalism important to you? Depending on your priorities, it might make sense to have a budget for survival expenses. That's easy to do when planning a trip or adventure. But what about a regular, monthly budget, set aside to cover the costs of your survival plans. A food supply, a generator, weapons, equipment,... All cost money and could be considered an investment in the future. Some people are stashing away a tidy sum of money each month. They are betting on the stock market or maybe real estate, etc. It makes sense to prepare for the possibility of needing to survive a catastrophe. Especially these days. So you may not want to put all your eggs in one basket. The stock market is a good bet, but so is survival.
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    The concept of surviving is definitely important to me. I do not have money set aside because I don't think that I'd need money if it came down to absolute survival. I have a ton of supplies and am ready to hit the road when need be. If a catastrophe hit, I don't see myself hitting up a ton of stores in need of supplies. I tried my best to plan ahead with the supplies I already have from previous survival situations. I honestly don't see myself putting my hand in the stock market either. I'm pretty content with my life right now, but if it comes down to survival, I'll be ready. :)
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    It is very important to me, but I also enjoy acquiring the skills that come with it, so I don't consider it in any way a 'chore'. I don't invest every penny I have into it, but a small amount that is a worthy insurance investment. I have a few months supply of food, fuel, and knowledge and ability to partially feed myself, although my land is not enough to meet my entire nutritional needs.
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    If I am going to be putting money into various investments each month, then it makes sense to set aside some of that investment money to build up my survival preparations. Up til now we have just been doing a little here and little there, but we have never considered actually budgeting for this expense and moving it into a similar place of priority as perhaps, home improvement or a Christmas fund, which we do budget for. As far as getting prepared, it would happen faster that way. And it truly would be an investment. I can't think of a more important investment, than survival.
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    I think daily life itself is a form of survival because in this world, there are bound to be contingencies of one form or another. Thats why you find packed food in stores and dried veggies. Some careers and lifestyles leave a person with little option but to be in survival mode like game rangers and nomadic pastoralists. A person can learn many techniques of surviving in the world from them.
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