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Discussion in 'Finding, Identifying, and Preparing Food' started by SirJoe, Jun 6, 2017.

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    When you are out in the wild you very often come across a lot of berries. Some of them are edible while others aren't. I am very weary when it comes to eating them but remember coming across some local white berries. The first time a saw them I thought to myself that they really looked poisonous. I have since then found that the locals have been picking them for centuries. Now when ever I go hiking a lavish myself on them if they are in season. Do you eat any berries when you are out in the open?
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    I only eat berries if I'm 100% certain which kind they are and therefore if they're truly edible. I wouldn't risk consuming something unknown unless I was put into a survival situation where I literally had no choice - die or eat the unknown berries.

    We mainly have things like those tiny forest strawberries, normal strawberries, blackberries, blackcurrant, dewberries, barberries and blueberries around here. You can find plenty even in the woods or wild areas. I do eat these if I find some.
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    This is really something that I'm worried about specially when it comes to plants and berries. I guess it's wise to learn about them but you will also never know where you will be landing in case something like this happens. What's best to do is to probably learn as many berries as you can that are found in your local area or neighborhood. At least you may learn something. And try to get snapshots if possible and a note.
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