It Is Really Windy Here Today....

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by watcherchris, Mar 2, 2018.

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    I've not seen winds like this in a long time ...years in fact.

    I awoke in the middle of the night after falling asleep watching TV in my Lazy the howling noise of wind. It brings back memories of how the wind used to blow when I was stationed in Iceland with the US Air Force. I immediately recognized the howl and whine of the wind.

    Moved my car out from under the tree lest some olde dried out lose branches fall....into my auto glass.

    Sort of like I learned quickly when vacationing in not park your car under a coconut tree.

    Once in awhile , just like up in Iceland , the wind gusts really take off/accelerate in speed.

    Took a peek at the weather forecast is going to keep windy for a couple more days but not as heavy as today.

    My Ham Radio wire antenna is up in the trees but not mounted from a mast or pipe....but held up in places with nylon line. We shall see if it survives. No problem putting it back up using a heavy boat fishing pole.
    I reckon I will find out how well my antenna set up survives. It has been up there in it's present configuration about a year now.

  2. Old Geezer

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    Yep, windy in VA.

    Once while living in the MidWest, I attempted to outrun a nasty storm -- thought I could get past its path (west to east, I was headed due south) before it would hit. Bad move.

    Unbeknownst to me, there was a tornado within that storm. Tornado warnings had been issued, but as usual I was listening to a CD (I'm a musiholic). I saw the clouds curling under but not sideways. Later learned that tornadoes start by curling under then turn sideways, i.e. upright.

    Never saw or experienced the tornado, but caught the 70+ mph winds -- sidewinds to me. I thought me and my SUV were going to take a tumble. Rocked sideways radically, but didn't tip. Some 18-wheelers did tip. This hit a small town and damaged a lot of buildings, but nobody was killed. Seems I wasn't killed either.

    Here this week, I would put the count of trees dropped across roads at one tree per three miles. When traveling home after work, these trees had been cut-up and pushed to the side of the roads. The wind was still a'howling, yet I saw no big limbs or trees come down.
  3. Tumbleweed

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    It looks like the first tropical storm of this season might be coming through this weekend. They have named it tropical storm Alberto, and it has to go through the warm gulf waters yet, so it could still develop into a hurricane before it hits the southern coast of Alabama and Mississippi.
    We are in the cone of where it will go, but by the time it gets to northern Alabama, we probably will not get anything besides some extra rain.
    According to the NOAA chart, it will be hitting the east coast of Florida by tomorrow, and into Alabama by late Saturday, or into Sunday.

  4. TexDanm

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    We had a storm come through a couple of weeks ago that was a monster. The wind speed was near 100 mph but there was only one little twister that actually touched down. What a lot of people got was gold ball sized hail that punched out all the windows in their house and also punched holes in vinyl siding. I only got small hail so there was no damage but it was flying horizontal and was hairy sounding beating on the side of the house. Those metal carports were flattened and/or sent airborne if they weren't tied down.

    I will admit that over the last few years the storms that our warmer weather is fueling seem to be more violent. More often than it used to be there will be a storm that will do tornado type damage but the weather service will say that there was no sign of tornadoes.
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