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Discussion in 'Survival Gear' started by JimmyJ, Apr 28, 2016.

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    There are basic items that you will want to have on hand for survival gear. These items will help make life a lot easier when survival situations are encountered. Knowing how much of what you need to have on hand is based upon how many people you will be planning on taking care of. If you're planning on just taking care of yourself then you can pretty much account for what you will use.
    You will want to have medications, water for drinking, water for sanitation and bathing and plenty of food on hand. The more people you have, the more of all of the supplies, you will need. By planning ahead, you can figure out what items will keep you extra prepared beyond the basics.
    Things such as solar powered fans and radios along with solar-powered lights are a great way to have extra items on hand to keep you a little bit ahead of the game.
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    My items to have on hand list would include, means of making a fire quickly, warm blankets, water, on hand first-aid tools, and dry foods that is in case of emergency evacuation and these are items you can actually keep handy in a car. There have been times when people have been stuck on the highway in bad weather, I would say it is good to have some form of emergency supplies handy.
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    Anything self sustainable or easy to sustain is eventually useful to have on hand. From a sword sharpened with a whetstone to solar battery banks. You can even survive with only primitive tools given how simple they can be to
    make or fix. A box of matchsticks could help, but they are finite, is better to have a tinder box with charred material ready to start fire.
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    Great ideas here already. I like the OP's mention of solar-powered gadgets. Those definitely come in handy. For me, I think that aside from water, warm blankets in the winter and folding paper fans in the summer, that non-perishable goods are important to stock up on. First-aid supplies are a must.

    You also want the appropriate clothing and gear for getting out of dodge if necessary. Clothing is as important to survival as food and water sometimes. Do you have the appropriate sized hiking boots? Knee pads? Emergency ponchos? Breathable fabrics? Insulation and compression gear? I'm also worried about the temperature and comfort, especially since I'm very weather-sensitive.
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    Things like something that can start a fire, some chlorine bleach which could help in purifying the water, a large hunting knife or machete, led flashlights, warm clothing, some canned foods and a simple tent are some of the basic items that could enable your survival.
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