"ivy League Of Outdoor Schools"

Discussion in 'Wilderness' started by Pragmatist, Dec 21, 2019.

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    Good afternoon all,

    I'm placing this article here after a rudimentary guess this is an appropriate place. It might not be. Please bear with me.

    Article per ... it's in north Maine.

    The school's founder spend 30 days in the back country of Alaska.

    I don't want to compete with the expert educators, however, ...

    If everything is soaking wet and a fire needed, would not time be of the essence ? In my case, I would not start looking for a dead standing tree that has to be chopped down or "felled" and then prep kindling and then and then and then "Along came Jones......" (A couple here might remember song.)

    Foot Note: Gloves in picture...from a Big Box store ?

    Anyone here familiar with this school ?
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    never been to it but am familiar with Tim Smith. His school is a little different than most. He has wilderness immersion courses. His classes are college credit accredited. The classes are not SHTF type classes but more maine guide type info. Very similar to Mors Kohanski type boreal forest survival/extended living. I think Tim is a great guy and teacher based upon my interactions with him, his students and his fellow teachers.
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    What seem to be missing from all those outdoor / survivalist course is "CONTEXT". They typically teach something that only pertinent to each of their respective region, while that is good, however when they venture elsewhere where the local climate or geographic condition are so different they will be confuse and prone to making fatal mistakes.

    If they really wan't to teach anything, it should start by teaching "CONCEPT", and mental conditioning. Because in the end, survival is over 70% about mental, and understanding the nature of the situation.
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