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Discussion in 'Other Advanced Survival Skills' started by ProNine, Jul 8, 2016.

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    To everyone here, does your job provide any useful skills that you can use during a SHTF moment. For example, a security guard will know how to watch out best for any intruders that might pass by your base. Another one is engineers, mechanical engineers to be specific. They might be the best ones able to solve problems and create small devices and machines to assist. What about you, what does your job have to offer?
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    That is a really good question. I have worked in the Social Services field as a counselor, and I have worked healthcare as a phlebotomist/CNA. I had completed a year of RN school before I had to withdraw due to some personal problems at the time. The skills that I feel I would bring to a situation are the ability to understand and calm individuals in a crisis. I worked a contract position at The Ohio State University Medical center on the trauma team. I was responsible for making sure the families of the patients were being cared for. It was very hard work, and a lot of times you wanted to cry alongside them, but I had to maintain my professionalism. I know that in a time of crisis I would be able to handle myself, and offer whatever help is needed.
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    I have had many jobs, from labourer to bodyguard & many others in between, all have taught me something that is beneficial to my survival.
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    I am a nurse by profession and this job has indeed taught me a lot of things when it comes to handling emergency situations. I just wish I had joined the military nursing which was offered to us before. My colleagues who joined shared a lot of information on how to handle emergencies during wars or military operations.
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    I've had a lot of jobs in my life from office work to telephone operator, but my best job was as a self employed gardener, I taught myself to grow crops, clear land, cut down trees and put up fencing, best job I ever had.
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