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    Since most us need to toil 40 hrs/week to pay our expenses, it's probably improtant to consider if there are profession that have an added benefit of imrpoving your survival/prepping skills? I guess the top of any list would be emergency medical services, nursing or other medical fields, for reasons obvious. Second goes work that requires you to keep in shape, and travel as much as possible in the nature, like a national park ranger. And finally, seeing how many of us are concerned with TEOTWAKI scenarios, being a full-time farmer is a good introduction to rebuilding society in neo-agrarian era ;)
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    Well, jobs in the armed forces really prepare someone for prepping especially game rangers who have to spend most of their time in the bush protecting their charges. Other professions include geologists, commandos and undercover security officers who have to be in constant movement during surveillance. Well, I should add tour guides and emergency medical technicians.
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    Most practical and technical jobs will give you skills that will be of use. Jobs in construction maintenance are handy. Working as a mechanic will also provide you with skills that will help you with survival.
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    Animal husbandry.
    fencing contractor.
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    There are also other kinds of jobs that can be good for preparing yourself, such as working as an International Development Officer in a warzone. Being in a warzone would be so challenging that it would change your mindset about the world and you would be forced to live in complete different conditions than you are familiar with. You would also face many situations but would at the same time learn how to help others in case of an emergency. Similar jobs would be Cultural Anthropologists that also travel and spend time in foreign places for a certain amount of time and conduct research. In his 20s, my uncle was backpacking through Southeast Asia for many months in a row, sleeping in the wilderness, learning the local languages, just being on adventure the whole time. I am sure he is also very well prepared in many ways even though it was not that he did professionally.
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