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    I had come home from my then mowing crew job. I staggered towards the bathroom. I shaved and changed into sandals. 'Oh that feels good'. Suddenly, an oddly familiar noise came from outside. The Holy Spirit told me to investigate and I felt the angel of my recently deceased Mom.

    "Dad! We've got kittens and their Mom is dead!" We hopped in our 1997 Toyota RAV 4 mini SUV. North Gate Animal Hospital, 3:55 p.m. A cat rescue lady took three of the kittens while we kept an orange boy with bright green eyes. 0.75 lbs and four weeks old! They even put him in an incubator while I waited for the vet after defleaing with 'Adams Flea and Tick Plus' OTC spray.

    Suddenly, I was Da-Da! I had to clean, feed, and incubate him. Tiger could drain a syringe of kitten formula KMR with the enthusiasm of an alky guzzling a quart of vodka. Tiger's incubator was a cat carrier lined internally with a towel atop sales paper. It was sprayed with Family Dollar Lysol clone daily to prevent disease and was placed in a bathroom to avoid drafts.

    Another week and Tiger was on solid food. He was trying to walk like a jerky wind up toy. He was soon running and playing and using the litter box. He came back for his baby shots and the vet was pleased with his progress, too. Later that same evening, Tiger watched me play 'Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories'. on PS2 slimline. He was fascinated by the bright colors and sounds.

    He was a model citizen for the first 12 weeks and KABLAM! Tiger started biting and clawing unprovoked. We ultimately gave him away to a family on Sherwood Forest road in Charleston, WV where he reportedly thrives to this day in their fenced in yard. We later learned that hand reared kittens will have a temperament that is either extremely volatile or extremely gentle, too. I would not trade those first 12 weeks for anything, too!
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