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    My name is Gene and I live in southwest Missouri. My background and current status is pretty diverse and will hopefully allow me to add to this forum as well as learn from it.
    Growing up I attended 36-38 different schools in 6 different states, parents liked to move around a lot. This has given me an ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations with an understanding of isolated, small town and urban living.
    I am a former active duty U. S. Marine where I trained in a wide variety of fields to include Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) warfare, advance security and a host of other training.
    After the Corps I spent several years in commercial turkey farming then moved on to my current occupation of driving truck (long haul and local).
    I am also the founding Pastor of a local church where I have served as Pastor for 14 years.
    As an NRA certified instructor I enjoy teaching firearms safety, marksmanship, self-protection (armed and unarmed) as well as MO-CCW courses.
    In our "spare" time my wife of 28 years and work preparing for what the future my hold, both good and bad. We do so by working in our personal use greenhouse to raise fruit, vegetables and herbs for both food and medical use. We are currently studying various essential oils both in their use and how to extract them for maximum benefit.
    We also study and teach to others a wide variety of survival techniques as well as preparing to survive.
    Thanks for reading.
    I hope I can be of help as much as I can be helped.
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    Good day Gene, welcome to this forum.
    Regards, Keith.
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