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  1. cluckeyo

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    I'm thinking about in the event of a prolonged power outage. This is happening more and more all the time. Last year we lost power for 2 days. Luckily we had 1 generator and we used it to keep the freezers going at our home and also my parent's home, about the length of a football field away. We used 6 hour rotations, placing it in the bed of the truck and moving it from house to house. We didn't lose any food. I would like to get another generator for backup. It really saved the day.
  2. lonewolf

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    i'm not into generators, I have lived full time without power and its not hard to do, generators will only last as long as you have fuel for them anyway so will be a short term item only.
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  3. Keith H.

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    We have a generator as a back-up to our solar power, but have rarely needed to use it except on prolonged overcast days. We are upgrading the solar though so the need for a generator will be less.
  4. lonewolf

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    like I say i'm not into generators and I've never used one, but i'm told they can be very noisy even the more quieter ones.
    this will give away not only the users location but also the fact they have power, this may not be wise in a long term event.
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  5. Corzhens

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    This reminds me of the time when our country was deep in the dark due to lack of power. We were renting an apartment and was kind of financially down. The apartment owner bought a generator that could make their refrigerator and tv run aside from some electric fans. We could their comfort while me and my husband couldn't sleep at night due to the hot weather. The power outage would start in the afternoon and would last until morning. The situation like that persisted for more than a month so I think buying a generator was a good idea.

    But now, there is no problem of that kind except when there is a typhoon that electricity is voluntarily cut off. And when there is a typhoon, the weather is pretty cold so all we miss are the lights. And flashlights will do aside from the rechargeable lanterns that we have.
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  6. Arkane

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    I can run most of my house off my vehicle if I need to!
    Thinking to upgrade on my next vehicle so I can run the whole house!
    but that is a few years away yet!
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