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Discussion in 'Essential Items' started by Tom Williams, Jul 23, 2016.

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  1. Tom Williams

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    Bathing in a survival mode may be as easy as a swim your kit needs to have wash cloths towels toothbrushes a extra fine tooth comb a solar shower bag is nice to have too hot water from the fire mixed with cold to temp make you feel better a line and clothes pins to dry out stuff keeping clean will help with cuts and scrapes to heal. Soap and landry supplies can be stashes and will stay fine
  2. Arkane

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    Humans survived quite well for millennia without bathing or much washing at all
    This hygiene thing is fairly new to mankind and is usually taken too far by modern man!
    Armpits and crutch need regular washing same as feet if in footwear a lot! warm water and a little soap of a cloth will do!
    Teeth need attention once a week maximum! don't fret if you miss a week or two!
    Unless you get it specificly dirty bare skin should not be washed! yes to hands for specific reasons like cooking, first aid etc!

    I can hear a load of pampered powdered pooches out there howling but most so called hygiene is purely for other peoples nose's!
  3. lonewolf

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    keeping clean is one thing, no need to go mad, people managed with a bath once a week and "strip" washes the rest of the week for many years.
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