Knives As A Fashion Item

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Nov 16, 2019.

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    I wouldn't pay much attention to that article. in the UK the Daily Express is famed for it's largely right wing views targeted to appeal to non-working upper middle class housewives. A reputation for very biased news reporting. The implication in this article being the children of a "lower class" than their readership are inarticulate. This is old fashioned and outdated viewpoint.
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    I read this article and it merely states the obvious, that many British children do not know how to communicate face to face as their conversations are all online or by text, such conversations can then escalate into something more as most (even adults too) seem to have no "off" switch.
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    Good morning Brownbear,

    I know - and accept - what you wrote above about the Daily Press. Only about an hour + ago, I wrote to Varuna that all pubs - less the intensity levels - are opinion-molders of some sort.

    My method - and recommendation - in reading media material is to look for the basic subjects such as "ASEAN meeting", "SCO meeting", "Geneva", "Tokyo", "Teheran", ...... just the basics and then to craft one's own view on what the article's about.

    Newspapers camouflage their biases with labels like "Opinion" and "News Analysis" although all is opinion.


    The Brits have better newspapers for entertainment than us in the upstart colonies.
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