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    Knowing different techniques for tying knots comes in extreme usefulness when in survival situations. Knots are used in a multitude of facets. From pulley systems to securing together shelters. Tying a knot is not as difficult or expensive thing to learn. You basically just need a piece of rope and some patience. You can watch how to videos on the internet, download apps that work on your phone to help teach you to tie a knot, or if you are better at hands-on learning, you can attend courses that will teach you how to tie some of the most basic and fundamental knots. Knowing how to secure items by using the proper knot can help in a multitude of different ways. From preventing your items from being destroyed by falling or becoming dislodged all the way to helping trap large game knot are handy in a multitude of different fashions. One might not believe that knot tying is an essential part of survival skills but, believe it or not, knowing how to tie knots is an essential part of survival.
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    For anyone who want to learn knots I recommend
    In case anyone wants to know when u tie two separate ropes or string together it not called a knot but a bend
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