Large Org Disaster Response

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    Good morning all,

    Above is a good article for an intro into "unified commands" ... that is, many orgs working together in a disaster response and recovery. Not mentioned in article but can develop here at MSF.COM, by request is "National Incident Management System" (and close , always in use, partner "NRF"). Yes, NIMS used in Bahamas, BVI, Canada, etc.

    Of course, article is the type that provides much commentary at conferences. So much is new ... but it's 100% better than "preparing for the last war".

    View and listen to the commentary at conferences for such matters as to whether injured responders can have their medical status placed on "cloud-based platforms".

    Note the article's "three silos".

    A funny phrase: "analyze that data in a backwards view..."

    Freelance author Stephania Kenowitz has a good article for advanced-level studies.


    Still waiting for hurricane.....
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