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    Good morning all,

    The new googles for military soon getting tested.

    When available to the public; ......

    These night goggles also with sensors to report the wearer's hydration, fatigue, stress and temperature.

    Also in googles is some sort of screen for wearer to have "bird-eye" view by a micro-drone.

    Smoke can be an obscurant.

    Note mention of facial recogition and text translation.

    The batteries are comfortable.

    The mentioned Ft Pickett is south of Richmond, Virginia going in area toward Durham, North Carolina. Ft Belvoir is in Northern Virginia Autonomous Oblast.


    Perhaps Napoleon's Grande Armee lost at Waterloo because of no Lethality Cross-Functional Team.
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    One step closer to the book "Star ship Trooper", not he stupid movie version.The greatly increased accuracy and at longer distances make these a real game changer for troopers.
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