Lazy farming with sweet potato

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    For a lazy farmer, the sweet potato is their ally. They clean the farm just once before planting and just stay put for the rains will take care of the vines. After a month, the vines are prolific and can be harvested for food. The rest of the vines will bear the root crop for harvesting after another month.

    As per my experience, the sweet potato is very easy to tend because the only enemy are animals that would eat the leaves particularly the goats who are destructive. But leaving them alone, the sweet potato would grow by itself regardless if there are weeds, it doesn't matter much.
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    Another thing that is great about the sweet potato is that you can plant it in your flower gardens and most people don't know what it is. Yams, potatoes, carrots radishes, parsnips, peanuts and such are great for an urban hidden garden. Root plants folage is just not what most people look for when they are raiding someones garden.
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    We have the mongoose menace that will dig out the sweet potatoes the moment they, so to say, get to smell them. I have yet to cook the leaves, although I have heard so much about their goodness. How do you cook them?
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