Leap Year

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    This is another of those years and it comes with enough 'shadyness' surrounding it especially within my part of the world. A leap year is known to us to be a year of bad luck and in the heat of arguments or other things that may become scary, persons are normally advised to be careful because bad things happen throughout a leap year.
    I do not know if the reasoning behind much of what is going on is due to being in a leap year but, a lot is really going on this year. My political party lost power, a lot of familiar individuals have passed, rain came (missing for a long while) and devastated sections of my community. On two separate occasions two motorcycle collided killing their riders, I have never seen this before and I could go on and on.

    I am just being as careful as I can and is hoping for the best for everyone, even outside of the fact that it is a leap year. Whether or not you believe in this, you must admit that times are in fact really changing before our eyes.

    Be careful out there guys!!

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