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Discussion in 'Finding Edible Animals and Bugs' started by cluckeyo, May 26, 2016.

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    There are all kinds of sites on the web that are devoted to identifying plants. You take a pic of your plant in question and then go online and try to identify it. When you find it, it will tell you what it is and whether it is edible or not. Just google "identify plant" and search for these types of sites. They are loaded with comparison photos and important identifying information. Some are part of a university study and I believe these to be more reliable.
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    On your hike, did you do any foraging or did you strictly rely on the packages mailed to you?
  3. cluckeyo

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    We just played around with it. Glenn knows about this a little bit. He showed me some clover that tastes like lemons. We found dewberries also. Then on the AT we found gooseberries and wild strawberries. For the most part we relied on our mailed packages. Because most of the time, we were busy getting down the trail. You have to get done before winter. I've drank water from cactus too, it was a spineless cactus.
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    This is a really good idea. There's no better time to prepare than now when you have all the resources available online to familiarize yourself from the different kind of herbs and plants, to know which are edible, which are good as first aid herbal plants and whatnot.
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