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    I love it. Can I tell another Grandpa joke? Could be the same little girl.

    Every Saturday Grandpa took his five year old grand daughter for a drive. Religiously he would pick her up Saturday morning, and they would drive for a few hours. She loved riding with Grandpa, and looked forward to it every week.

    One Saturday Grandpa was sick, and couldn't make it, so Grandma had to substitute. The little girl agreed, and they went for a drive. When they came home the little girl looked sad; head down; no smile.

    Mom asked her " How was your ride with Grandma? " The little girl said " It was boring."

    Mom asked " Why was it boring?"

    The little girl replied " We didn't see any A$$h*les or S%&^#h@ds, or liberal pukes. We just drove around and smiled and waved. "

    Out of the mouths of babes.
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    So Little Jimmy was playing bus driver in the back yard and his mom was doing dishes and had the kitchen window open. As she washed the dishes she heard Jimmy driving the bus. Vrooooom Jimmy said then hit the brakes. Eeeeeeee.

    She looked up and watched out the window as he swung the door open...SWOOOSH. Jimmy said and then he yells. All you assholes getting on the bus...Get you asses on. All you assholes getting off the bus get your slow asses off!

    His mom was aghast in the window and she yelled JIMMY! YOU QUIT USING THAT LANGUAGE AND PLAY NICE!
    Yes MAAM Jimmy said.
    Then she listened again as Jimmy drove the bus. Vrooom said Jimmy as he drove again, then EEEEEEeeeee. as the bus stopped again. Swooosh went the door. Mom leaned in to listen again.

    Jimmy said " Those of you who are disembarking the bus please disembark and please watch your step. Have a wonderful day!
    Now those of you who are embarking the bus please feel free to embark on the bus and please be careful and quickly take a seat as we move on our way.

    His mom smiled.
    Then she heard him say:
    Those of you who are pissed off because you are late to work take it up with the bitch in the kitchen window!
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    ..........thanks..............good laughs
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