Leftover Food Can Be Used As Bait

Discussion in 'Hunting / Fishing / Trapping' started by Corzhens, Jun 5, 2017.

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    When in a hunting trip, be aware that any leftover food can serve as bait for your prey. Particularly the wild boar, they eat almost anything. Leftover food like boiled root crop, broiled meat, or even rice can be placed near the trap. But if you are not keen on catching your prey at night because you prefer a good night’s sleep then bury the leftover food or place it far away from your shelter. There are many predators at night including insects especially the pestering red ants that is painful when they bite.
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    A very good tip Corzhens. Some people might forget to hide their leftovers and get distracted during their camping or outdoor trips. Imagine leaving some leftover food near your camp then waking up at a wild animal staring you down, that would be quite interesting.

    Ideally, you don't really want to make any leftover food. You should always try measure or evaluate by eye how big the portions are and how much you will actually eat. But I do know that can be quite difficult since I always end up making too much myself.
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    I had never thought of that, but... Yes, this would be a great way to use leftover food. ;)

    Leftovers are still very devalued and most people simply throw them away (because of practicality, I guess :confused:). This is a waste that could easily be avoided, but unfortunately most people are not willing to learn how to reuse them. :(
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    Boars what about bear
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