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Discussion in 'Survival Kits' started by TexDanm, Sep 29, 2017.

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    Let's talk about some of the odd tools that I carry in my kits that I've found to be worth having and what do you carry that most might not think of?

    I carry a set of gimlets. These are small T shaped little things for sort of drilling small holes. I also made a few larger ones from small auger bits with a square head that fits into a small handle I made. Drilling holes allows you to pin things together or make a paracord joint super strong. They don't weigh much but are really handy.

    Another small tool that is in all of my bags is a 4” pair of vice grips that I have taken a drimel tool and ground a groove that comes straight out of the jaws. This groove makes those pliers into the very best multi tool that I own!! No kidding! I carry a few bits and it is a do it all screwdriver. Add in some saber saw blades and pruning saw blades and you can grab them in that groove and have a saw. Put a brad point drill in it and bore a few holes in wood. It is a pretty good small wrench and I even carry a knife blade that you can put in those jaws and it makes a good skinning knife.

    I also carry a rather large bow saw blade and some bailing wire. I can and HAVE made a buck saw with this sort of stuff along with the drills and a big knife to use as a draw knife. You can do it with paracord but the wire doesn't stretch and works better. Besides bailing wire in itself is a just totally useful thing to have almost as versatile as paracord.
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    I use a folding saw instead.
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