Life Insurance?

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by airfightermax, Jul 20, 2017.

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    Unexpected emergencies happen more often now in this age. While you can get yourself an insurance to safeguard yourself, it can get quite pricey.

    Is life insurance worth availing?
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    Life insurance is not going to do much for an unexpected emergency. Having some life insurance is a good idea; because we all want to be responsible people and not have our family have to deal with the expense of burial. How much life insurance, and that kind, is going to depend on your age, and whether or not you have a family, and a lot of debts that have to be paid for if you should die unexpectedly.
    My suggestion would be to get a small whole life burial policy when you are young, because the premiums never change, and then when you have a family, a mortgage, and other expenses that would need covered if yo should die, then you need a term policy for the mount of debt you have, and for the length of time that you will have it.
    Once that time is past, then you can drop the term policy (which costs more as you age), and jut keep the small whole life policy that you got when you were young.
    One nice thing about a whole life policy is that it also builds cash value, so should you need a loan, you can borrow from the policy, and pay it back as you can pay.
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