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  1. Correy

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    Some might have heard about a filtering innovation that was made to enable people in impoverished areas with no clean water supply to drink from any fresh water reservoir without worrying about bacteria and parasites.

    It's a filter in the form of a straw and you can either use it to drink directly from a pond or spring, or you can get the water container & straw version which purifies water at two stages, which also filters out chlorine, odours and bad tastes. I thought it was really nice to have lying around.

    They're rather cheap compared to most filtering devices out there, the straw is roughly 20$ and the 2-step water container is 50$.

    The straw's description says:

    and the water container's description says that it additionaly has:

    Here's their page:
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  2. filmjunkie08

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    Thank you for this information. I had not heard of the straw before. I was thinking all this time I would have to carry tablets with me to place in unfiltered water. This is so much easier.
  3. tb65

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    I saw someone do review on this and they said it taste like pool water. Then again there were two women who drank from a pond and stream and said it taste very clean, I think that's pretty impressive. One of these two women even went as far as to try and drink her own urine out of this straw to see if it would come out clean, and this was a ultimate fail. I think this would be a very good survival tool.
  4. Keith H.

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    I have heard of these, sounds like a good gadget to have. Will not last long term of course, but then it weighs little & takes up little room, so why not.
  5. explorerx7

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    Thanks for the insight. It's the first time I have been hearing g of this gadget and I believe it is a very essential peice of equpment to have in case there is flooding or hurricanes which may cause a scarcity of potable water which may force me to seek water from alternative sources.
  6. Tom Williams

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    I have their home system love it !!!allso have pocket ones work great
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