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    I don't consider myself a survivalist or prepper, but have become interested in this area as I plan to start a family. I don't believe the world is going to end, but I would like to acquire the option to become less dependant on society if I ever need to.

    About myself: As my forum name suggests, I'm female and former Australian Army. I currently work as a military contractor, more pay, more personal freedom, but less security of employment. I've made the most of my opportunities, spent a fair bit of time in some evil places, met some real heroes and some real villains, seen the best of humanity and the worst. Experienced a lot of things most civilians will never get the chance to do.

    I'm here out of curiosity and to see what I can learn about being more self sufficient.
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    Welcome to this forum LSG, I hope you find what you are looking for here.
    Regards, Keith.
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    welcome sure you'll find what your looking for.and if not.just ask.
    i started prepping by preparing for power outage and such.on acount i know enough not to through my home in the dark..:rolleyes:

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