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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Requests' started by willywonka, Jun 15, 2016.

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    Hello! I'd like to see some links to survival handbooks and free e-books on the web. There are so many online that it would be cool to see a handful linked here so we can have a few resources that are really good. It would help people who are newbies to the site. I am looking for pdfs and things that can be printed off.
  2. Lee CT NE

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    Here's a start -
    If you have a Kindle. you can also do a search on Amazon for "free survival books". They're also fairly easy to convert to PDFs with an eReader utility.
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    Thank you. This is great. I had a similar concern. I really appreciate this link. I was also looking for such material. @willywonka, i hope this has sorted you out.
    I have managed to get some guidance to help me in compiling my thesis on emergency response in the urban setting.
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