Living Alone In The Wilderness. Video. True Story.

Discussion in 'Wilderness' started by Keith H., Jun 10, 2017.

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    I'm not living alone.

    I like having a wife and women friends. I hate "cheerleader syndrome". My wife has always been pretty, but certainly not soft, certainly not stupid. If you can't respect someone, why keep them around? Slavery is illegal and it makes God mad. A female friend of mine is a senior Army officer. All the women in my life have been strong. Why would a man be intimidated by such? I don't get that. I like kids if they are disciplined and of my own blood. I've been an alpha-male-image for women's boys, especially when their absent fathers were unworthy / non-respectable. Being a grandfather is easier than being a dad. I like to teach kids life skills and work skills -- this must be a genetic behavior, for otherwise I'd not get within a 100 ft of a pack of screaming stinky kids.

    I like people who are respectable. I like people who are smart. A person smarter than me is someone from whom I can learn. When I make a male friend, I seek out someone who knows stuff that I do not know. I hate people who are full of themselves. How can you learn if you believe you have already reached the mountaintop?! If possible, I'll be learning the very last day I draw breath. There are universes out there. I am not sufficient unto myself.

    Does a man or woman need betake himself/herself into the wilderness? The very Christ did. He returned to live-out his Mission, of course. I know of no Prophet who did not head out into the wilderness in solitude, none who did not return. Virtuous Ruth, great-grandmother of David, betook herself to the fields of Boaz. We hear the voices of our ancestors only when we have quieted ourselves. The Prophets hear / become The Word of God. We as mere humans return to our duties in this dirty world.

    Oh what a beauteous bounty, death -- the final freedom, the release.
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    living alone in the wilderness would be my kind of thing, away from other people-their petty squabbles and their interference, their noise and their litter.
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    Alone in the wilderness no matter how serene should only be a temporary thing and never a permanent thing!

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