Long Term Wilderness Survival, Does Your Equipment Match Your Needs?

Discussion in 'Essential Items' started by Keith H., Jul 6, 2017.

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    If the shtf in a big way, you will need to bug out of the city in order to survive. Many of you will already know this & are prepared with tools & other equipment to help you survive in the wilderness/country areas. Your lifestyle will be substantially changed from the way you live now, you will need to set up a trap line & hunt for your food. Long term you may need to turn animal skins into leather for use as clothing, footwear will probably be the first to wear out.
    So given that you will need to construct shelter, carry water, cut wood, trap, hunt, skin & butcher game & also be prepared to defend yourself & possibly defend others, will your choice of equipment & tools/weapons meet your needs?
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