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Discussion in 'Weekend Campers' started by BigZirp, Sep 17, 2017.

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    I have been camping and hiking for many years. Im not ready to go full blown prepper but i want to put a Bug Out Bag together. Here is my question. I live in New England so Im faced with Urban, Coastal, and woodland survval along with Hot summer temps and freezing, lot of snow temps in the winter. How do i plan a bag for both temp extremes and the multiple terrains without being too cumbersome nor do i want to have multiple bags?
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    My first post is a thread resurrection!

    I am in Wisconsin, and I am in the outdoors a lot. I have some experience with bags, so definitely in my wheelhouse, but still just my opinion.

    After a bunch of experimentation, I ended up with a Seal Line Propac 115L. Its cavernous. I DIY my own roll top bags to subdivide everything inside. It is fine in low temps, I can just chuck into the canoe with no worries, and once I make up a somewhat complicated (the bag isn't that easy to attach to externally) molle panel, I can attach things like I would any military style pack. So everything in one bag, machete and Katanaboy on the outside, and waterproof. Without food, guns, or ammo, I'm into the 28/29# range with my current gear. With the AR, a 9mm on the waist belt, and a minimal ammo loadout, things get heavy quick, but if there is a way to have it all, I haven't found it.

    It's big, but it's the best I could come up with for a single bag, dump out/dump in solution. Like a waterproof seabag with a functional hip belt. IMO, you do need to make or buy smaller bags to keep everything organized, otherwise it would be a proper mess digging around in there in the cold, damp, and dark.
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    Also consider rotating your bags for the different seasons. If you anticipate being in a vehicle for a high percentage of your time, compile a core bag that covers the basics, and add another bag for the differences in the seasons.
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    I agree with Lalakai. I drive the same vehicle 99% of the time. I have a core bag that is in the vehicle all the time. I swap small Winter and Summer bags, which are additions to the core bag. The small Winter and Summer bags are mostly clothing that would be more appropriate to the seasons.
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