Lynx Shotguns, Any Data On Them?

Discussion in 'Gun Comparisons' started by Mauser'sDaDa, Jul 1, 2020.

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    Thinking about getting an AK shotgun with three inch #4 buckshot for murder hornets. Anybody have any experiences with Lynx AK shotgun, too? Here's my logic: the earliest practical form of the machinegun was the magazine-fed repeating cannon loaded with canister shot. It's why Indians as a rule seldom attacked forts after about 1850, too.

    But why not a pump? Because the 1968 Gun Control Act mandated an external button an extra step that makes the gun not reliable in a stress situation. This happened to Aunt Sharon in 1969 while a pack of violent drunks menaced her home. When her late husband arrived from work, and he drove them off revolver point violence free, too. That shotgun was sold towards a Plainfield M-1 carbine that has jam free serviced their family since then, too.

    Why not a bolt action? Because .20 gauges bolt action shotguns cost $500.00 today. Why not a tube-fed semiauto? Trust them, but pricey and slow to reload. Thank you for your input.
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