Make-it-yourself Tiny Survival Kits

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    Make-it-yourself tiny survival kits

    I have always liked making little kits that I give to friends. My latest run is working especially well I think. I spotted some clear smoothie straws on Amazon recently. These are bigger and a little hevier than regular straws. You can get them in 3/8” and 1/2” size. I got the half inch ones. I cut them into 3 3” pieces from each straw. I use a candle stub and pinch the end of the straw piece with needle nose pliers while I heat the plastic to melting and then slide the pliers forward and pinch it.

    This gives you a little tube sealed on one end that you can put just all manner of things into. Once it is filled you pinch the open end melt it and you have a 3” sealed capsule that is air tight and water proof. I Heat and melt the plastic directly but some people use hemostats that they heat then use to melt and seal. If you use the heated hemostat method you can leave the straw in one piece and have several collections together each sealed into its own part of the straw.

    I have made little fishing kits with hooks, sinkers and fishing line. I bought a box of the strike anywhere kitchen matches and with a piece of sand paper and a couple feet of jute string and 3 to 5 matches sealed instant fire.

    I have also sealed up salt, pepper, garlic powder, Bleach, antibiotic ointment, little sewing kits and various pills in these and other sized clear straws. Since they are well sealed they last for a long time and you can throw them in your pocket or glove box or tool box... They cost almost nothing and I give them to people all the time. For the spices if you cut the end off with scissors you can turn it around and use that cut off piece for a plug.
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