Make Your Own Water Saving System

Discussion in 'Farming and Gardening' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Everybody knows that you can use plain old sticks to garden and farm. If you're crafty, you can attach some sort of rock or piece of metal to it, but most people don't know how to do this efficiently. So planting is really not the hard part. The problem with farming is that it uses large amounts of water, and there are a couple of simple, innovative ways to make watering systems that use little water. For the simple method, all you'll need is a needle and thread as well as a plastic baggie. All you need to do is take the needle and thread and puncture the bag at the opposite end of the zip lock then tie the end that had the needle on it, and this will act as a wick where the water travels down out of the bag and into the pot. Then fill the bag that should be empty with water and make sure that the thread is touching the soil. This method will work if the baggie stays above the soil or in the pot and the thread is in or on the soil as well.
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    I have never heard of this method before. How cool and innovative. I saw something floating around on social media about how nurses garden with IV bags and wondered if that would actually work. I have a few plants that are coming out out of the greenhouse tomorrow that I will try this with, as I have thousands of yards of thread and about 100 sewing needles.
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