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Discussion in 'Safety' started by Corzhens, Jun 13, 2016.

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    This thread is particularly for shelters in the woods during a disaster or catastrophe. When in fear of strangers, you should set up an alarm system so you would be informed of an intruder.

    It is called a ninja alarm using a very long nylon thread that you will use to set up as an invisible perimeter. Parts of the thread will have noisy items like bottles and can that would create noise when someone would hit the thread. The more noise makers, the better and the longer the thread, the better.

    More likely you wouldn't have a nylon thread with you in that situation. You can use sticks that you can tie together using wild vines. the long sticks can serve as the perimeter in lieu of the nylon thread. As for the hanging noise maker, you can use dry leaves for they will also create noise although soft. This improvised design has been used by the rebels in the boondocks that's why the military operation often fails because the rebels are forewarned by that crude alarm system.
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    Fishing line tied to popcan with stone in it line across path ran to can on window ledge can falls and rattles someone on that path
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    That's actually a very smart idea! Although, I highly doubt you will be able to get in time in case a intruder comes,depending on how far you are from your shelter.It makes the intruder trip right? If it does you will have to defend yourself, so tools for self-defense will also be needed. Allot of preparation needs to come first before you can set up an alarm for your shelter.
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    This is a good idea if you are assuming that the intruder/s knows where you are. But if this person or persons is simply searching or passing by, then this sort of alarm will tell them exactly what area you are in. Far better to conceal yourself well, & if you are a part of a group, place sentries around your camp. Here are some good ideas for travelling in the wilderness.
    Rogers' Rangers Standing Orders

    By Major Robert Rogers, 1759

    Don't forget nothing.

    Have your musket clean as a whistle, hatchet scoured, sixty rounds powder and ball, and be ready to march at a minute's warning.

    When you're on the march, act the way you would if you was sneaking up on a deer. See the enemy first.

    Tell the truth about what you see and do. There is an army depending on us for correct information. You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the Rangers, but don't never lie to a Ranger or officer.

    Don't never take a chance you don't have to.

    When we're on the march we march single file, far enough apart so one shot can't go through two men.

    If we strike swamps, or soft ground, we spread out abreast, so it's hard to track us.

    When we march, we keep moving till dark, so as to give the enemy the least possible chance at us.

    When we camp, half the party stays awake while the other half sleeps.

    If we take prisoners, we keep 'em separate til we have had time to examine them, so they can't cook up a story between 'em.

    Don't ever march home the same way. Take a different route so you won't be ambushed.

    No matter whether we travel in big parties or little ones, each party has to keep a scout 20 yards ahead, twenty yards on each flank and twenty yards in the rear, so the main body can't be surprised and wiped out.

    Every night you'll be told where to meet if surrounded by a superior force.

    Don't sit down to eat without posting sentries.

    Don't sleep beyond dawn. Dawn's when the French and Indians attack.

    Don't cross a river by a regular ford.

    If somebody's trailing you, make a circle, come back onto your own tracks, and ambush the folks that aim to ambush you.

    Don't stand up when the enemy's coming against you. Kneel down. Hide behind a tree.

    Let the enemy come till he's almost close enough to touch. Then let him have it and jump out and finish him up with your hatchet.
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