Making A Cave Safe From Predators

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    This is a bit tricky because the safety of the cave would depend on the place. For colder places, the bear is the primary predator in caves while in tropical countries, the feline particularly the mountain lion it is. For me, I would avoid staying in a cave because of the predators. And even if the bats are not so harmful, they will scare me to death. A campfire by the mouth of the cave is recommended but be sure that the mouth is big enough to afford enough air. Having a fire in the mouth can block the incoming fresh air and suffocate you. Another way to protect yourself from animals is to make a fence of branches like a trellis that can serve like a wall. Do you have any ideas for making a cave safe as a shelter?
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    Fire would be your best bet, especially if you had a torch which you can wave around if a potential predator shows up. Finding a way to make a fence is a good idea, too. If you had some cans around you could make "alarm" with it. If any predator gets around and pokes the cans you would hear it and know there is something lurking around
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    I personally would be a bit more afraid of the elements than a predator, but yes, I think a fire would be a good detterent. Fire is so useful anyway in a survival situation it is likely one of the most important aspects of surviving in the an inhospitable landscape.
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    If you are carrying a tomahawk/axe, which I recommend you do, you can cut down young trees about as thick as the average leg. Cut them a little longer than the height of the cave entrance so you can wedge them in really tight. Make a good strong door from the same timbers & make sure it opens outwards, NOT inwards! Secure with a couple of cross bars inside. If you want to make doubly sure, make two doors. The second one can go inside & you can brace it with the same size timbers.
    If you have any rocks around, you can enforce your wall outside by dry stone walling. Don't forget simple "dead fall" traps set around the entrance to discourage predators.
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