Making A Safe Foxhole

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  1. Corzhens

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    A foxhole is a hole on the ground that can fit a person and allow him to be in a sitting position. Normally, the foxhole is used in wars. But when in a critical situation in the wilderness, the foxhole can serve as a good temporary shelter especially if you have a gun to protect yourself. The best location for a foxhole is an area with clay soil so the hole will last longer. And for added protection, it is good if you can find planks of wood to make for the walls of the foxhole. And the cover, fresh branches with leaves and twigs are good camouflage. Fresh branches means you have to replace the old ones when your stay in the foxhole takes more than a day.
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  2. Arkane

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    Way too labour intensive! unless of course you are being or will be shot at!
  3. Neiltarquin

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    Yes foxhole is a good shelter, unfortunately its too labor intensive. In survival, you need to conserve energy. Plus it's not the best shelter it it is raining.
    That why it is better to find naturally formed shelter like caves or fallen tree or a trench but make sure you check the area. If it's a good place to use as camp, animals might have already been there or even using it..
  4. remnant

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    I once attempted to make one in my house. I was fresh from a lucrative engagement and feared that some gangsters who were terrorizing my neighbour would soon zero on me. I intended the foxhold to lead to the outside of my house in the event me a burglary and escape unnoticed but I never really got to accomplish the mission.
  5. Xilkozuf

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    That sounds pretty scary! Where do you live?

    Anyway, I agree with other people... Foxholes might be useful, but they require a lot of energy and in many situations they would hurt more help. But in specific situations it might prove itself useful... If you cover it with something, like you said, would that make it also some kind of trap?
  6. kgord

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    I just saw a show on TV where some people were trapped in a blizzard and made a Foxhole to try to wait it out. They ended up nearly freezing to death. I think I would have tried to find a cave or a tree grove as a shelter. They had nothing to cover themselves with but an American flag, and it did not provide much warmth.
  7. Keith H.

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    In decent ground a foxhole is not hard to dig at all. I have dug dozens of them. Each one takes less than an hour even if there are rocks to pull out. If you choose high ground & select the right place water is not a problem.
  8. Old Geezer

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    WWII, Battle of the Bulge, my uncle and his mates were given explosives to, yep you got it, blow up enemy stuff. Well, the ground was frozen and tree-top bursts (German 88s) were killing the dickens out of his company (50% did not make it). I'm sitting here looking at a panorama photo of his company.

    They used their explosives to blow holes in the frozen ground to dig foxholes. They attempted sleep, then the orders were given to move out again.
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