Making Crocheted Throwrugs From Plastic Bags And Yarn Scraps.

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    Knitting and crocheting have always been a popular way of creating clothes, throws, socks, slippers, and even rugs can be handmade by crocheting them together. One popular rug that it often crocheted is the rag rug. To make a rag rug, cloth is cut into strips and then sewn together to make a long ball of material which can then be crocheted into a round or oval rug.

    A similar thing which has become popular lately, is to use the plastic bags from grocery stores for either knitting or crocheting projects. This is done in a similar way as to what is done for rag rugs, in that the plastic shopping bag is folded and cut into strips (which are actually loops) and then put together in a chain and rolled into a ball of plastic yarn , called "plarn". Some people use the plarn all by itself, and a popular thing is to make it into hand bags and even sleeping mats for homeless people. There are sometimes groups of seniors who have time to make the sleeping mats who have regular sessions where they make the plarn and crochet it into the mats , which are then donated to homeless shelters.

    What I like to do with plastic bags is to make little throw rugs, which last forever, can be washed and dried, and are practically indestructible. I use a skein of regular yarn along with the plarn, and this adds a lot more color to the crocheted throw rug. When I have spare time (usually in the cold winter months) I will spend an evening cutting and rolling my plastic bags into balls of plarn, and then I use scraps of regular yarn that were leftover from some project, and crochet this into a colorful throw rug.
    If you can crochet at all, this is a simple way to make throw rugs, and also to use up some of those plastic grocery bags that are sitting around the house.

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