Making Your Own Canned Corned Beef?

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    We store a lot of tinned corned beef as part of our preps. At a few bucks a can, it makes for a lot of protein and fats. And it can be used as the meat for a ton of dishes. Beyond that, I've read quite a bit about making your own, but the economics and time investment hasn't worked out to bother.

    That said, anyone making their own canned corn beef? How is it working out for you?
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    The canning companies do such a quality job that it is actually cheaper and safer to simply buy their product at full retail price. Shelve lives on such are often very long and actually do not represent what their actual shelf life is, i.e. longer than that published.

    I've been in food canning factories in America and they are way past clean. They go OCD to the max on their products. One bad run and even if the FDA doesn't land on them like a load of bricks, the consumers will never go near their product again.

    I cannot speak for the quality of factories in other countries. Northern European countries will likely be as OCD as America.

    Spam in the plastic packs WILL go bad. However plastic lined metal cans keep food safe on and on.

    Fresh anything is better than canned. We all know this. However in prepping, one isn't going to get perfection -- it's called surviving.
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