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    In any situation in which you are out in the wilderness or even in a city that you don't know a great idea so that you may avoid getting lost is marking your path. In the city, a path may be marked nowdays visually or by writing it down because of the street numbers and numerous landmarks. In the woods, however, it is very easy to get turned around and end up walking in circles never reaching your destination. By marking your path you will know if you are circling back and can avoid making that mistake. Also, you are guaranteed to have your path marked for the way back should you need a return route.
    There are many different ways to mark your path. You can use small pieces of cloth, you can mark symbols into trees, you may also use rocks and other natural formations as landmarks along the way. By marking a path it will help you in many ways. Should you ever need to return to the same destination, you had left it will be much easier especially during the first couple of trips until you get familiar with your path. Marked paths have been used by humankind for centuries. It is the basic essence of exploration and what has given us such great detail in maps today. Knowing how to mark your path and find it manually is a great advantage as GPS and electronic gadgets may not always be at your disposal.
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