Mask Criteria, Samples Explained By Medical Experts

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    Head Note: Avocado Organic Cotton Face Mask will get wearer invited to more parties than a N-95 .
    4 pack only $30.00

    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    It's a list of criteria needed in a face mask. I believe article is to keep public away from seeking the professional grade masks. Note that pre-pandemic, it was not only medical folks using these things.

    A Prepper-Auditor's wish-fulfillment dream come true; to audit the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.

    Why can't a CDC mentioned "cloth" face mask be secured by 2 silver paper clamps ? The scarf from Dollar Tree is double layer. Plus, please be assured it is not cotton.

    Foot Note: Disappointment; sorrow; enroute to despair; The University of Nebraska Medical Center has no program involving the compatriot slobs working next to them who aren't in the medical field.
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