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  1. Rosyrain

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    If you were to ever be in a long term survival situation, or you just want to go all natural, what are some materials you can find out in the wilderness to make clothes with. The obvious answer to me would be animal skins and furs that you can treat and shape into clothing, but what are some other ideas? I once heard that Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest used to make clothes out of cedar.
  2. Keith H.

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    Fleece, goat hair, Some plant fibres can be used to make capes, but I think it would be too rough to wear against the skin (here). Brain tanned animal skins seems to be the best bet.
  3. Tom Williams

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    Buy good stuff carhart coats and pants bibs aregreat military surplus camo shirts pants socks underwear longjohnns stashedand stored away. These with care last a long time
  4. Tom Williams

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    Hemp make great rope and clothing that wears great
  5. lonewolf

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    I suppose in the end it will come down to fur and skin/leather, I don't think we can grow anything else here, cotton dosent grow in this country, we could use sheep or alpaca wool.
    I don't know about anyone else but I've got enough clothes stored away to last me several years, I've got enough jackets to last the rest of my life.
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